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  • Location: Wandering in the Northlands (including air rooms)
  • Occupation: Bezhuldaar
  • Look

This creature is roughly spherical in overall shape, its body covered in plates of gray-mottled white chitin. It has a gaping mouth lined with double upper and lower rows of long, pointed, widely-spaced teeth, above which is a massive pale blue eye. Above that it is festooned with eyestalks, all apparently moving independently and looking in different directions. It hangs in the air with no apparent means of support. It is a bezhuldaar, a member of a race known no less for habitual cruelty and taste for the flesh of other sentient beings than for the tremendous power of their many eyes, each of which has a different weird ability. The large central eye always, as far as is known, projects a powerful anti-magick field, but the small eyestalks can have a dizzying array of deadly abilities varying greatly between different individuals. Any bezhuldaar is best treated with extreme caution, if not outright terror and fleeing. This wretched creature is an outcast of its kind, for it has no offensive beams at all. The beam set that it does have makes its right fore eyestalk highly resistant to harm. It has fled Zadnothruin in search of a means of its own destruction. As melancholy as it is, though, it does see some redemption in training other bezhuldaar in the use of their powers, if only so that they will become strong enough to end its cursed existence. A haze of shifting, flickering motes of whiteness obscures it. It looks about ten and a half dimins across. It is in good shape.

  • Info
   Availability inquiry: Farouzh, what do you teach?
   Cost inquiry:         Farouzh, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
   Instruction request:  Farouzh, teach me <subject(s)>.

  • Trains
 gaze weapon max ~120
 power direction max 100
 power focusing max 100
 power channeling
 power tuning
  • Notes

only trains bez

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