Farstriker (Wild Talent)

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  • Primary use: Combat action (Attack) - Farstrike, 14 activity
  • Combat talent: Yes
  • Reveals by:
    • Combat (possibly requiring high agonistic energy and low health in a vital body part)



Psychic Manipulation

  • Start command: concentrate on moving objects with my mind
  • Stop command: concentrate on ceasing to move objects with my mind
  • Effect: Pick up and drop objects without other manipulators
  • Facility:


  • Command: visualize a rock striking <target>
  • Effect: Strike a target with psychic force (14 activity)
  • Facility:

Force Blast

  • Command: visualize an explosion
  • Effect: AoE psychic force attack
  • Facility:

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a farstriker.


You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a farstriker.


As your anger and desperation in battle grow, you feel something well up inside you,
and suddenly as if by instinct you find yourself projecting your rage outward from
you as a tremendous blast of force!

Help File

  Farstrikers are psychics gifted with the power to move objects with their minds
-- deriving their popular name from frequent use of this ability to hurl bolts of
invisible force at foes. While a novice farstriker often has such a difficult
time generating force strikes that he would do better to pick up a stick and do
it the old-fashioned way, with experience a farstriker can develop his talent into
a potent combat ability.
  The most basic ability of a farstriker is the ability to move objects with
psychic force, allowing one to perform many tasks ordinarily requiring manual labor
solely with the power of one's mind.
  The usual mode of combat operation for a farstriker is to send a focused strike
at a single opponent. Skilled farstrikers -- and those under great duress -- can
also manifest another level of their ability, a massive blast of force which
devastates everything nearby, friend and foe alike.
  Your facility at moving objects and creating force bolts is determined by your
willpower, your perception, and your psychokinesis skill. Generating a force blast
relies solely on willpower and psychokinesis.
  To begin moving objects psychically, concentrate on moving objects with your mind.
To desist from this, concentrate on ceasing to move objects with your mind. To
attack directly with psychic force, visualize a hammer, rock, or other blunt object
striking your target. To generate a force blast, visualize an explosion.
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