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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Apparently some roll is made at the time that the Soothsayer talent is used and results in either a "successful" fate (listed below) or a "failed" fate, which is pulled from the Discordian quote bank.

Here is a collection of Fates and their meanings:

"Keep your wits about you, for you will stand in the presence of power and glory!"
You will need to visit a god .
"Though you know it not Mirichi, the beginnings of a strange and mysterious power stir in you even now and will in days to come reach fruition."
You will get a talent.
"Might will contend with might, Fulin, and a mighty foe will fall before you like a blade ooof grass befooore the scythe."
"Twisting paths shall you follow Fulin and you will travel to strange and distant lands"
Conceptual Navigation will pop this fate.
"Sound and hale though you may seem, Tzarilai, you will be struck with a mysterious affliction and it will seem as though your very mind is not your own"
You will go mad
"The stars will look upon you favorably Fulin and a stranger will come to your aid."
Random NPC pops in during combat and helps you fight, leaves after combat. And is generally really weak.
Faerithan intones, <> The stars will look upon you with disfavor, Vetallas Venlallethson, and you will be beset by a stranger full of malice. <>
"Taserax rumbles, <- You'll be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes. -> in Xhax."
"The stars will look upon you favorably, Wyrd, and a stranger will come to your aid. "  A follower?
You say, ( :: Quake, for your doom is upon you, Procyonia; even at the height of your power, you will fall unexpectedly in the heat of battle. :: )
You say, ( :: Heru, the winds of fate will pass against you, and all your skills and powers will fail you when you need them the most. :: )
"The working of fate pass strange in your strivings, Azcatzilitzotl, and you will come into great wealth unexpectedly."
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