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Fethfhau Strunthlg

Summary: bone spur
Plural: G'fethfhau
Vorgaal: fifteen
Typical Fungmrul: extremely high
Maximum Flgathu Formula: one plus 3% of metamorphosis skill plus 1% of anatomy skill
Efficacy Formula: 10% of metamorphosis skill plus 5% of anatomy skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of three
Fl-n'gathl From: hngaug
Flgath Restrictions: cannot be ng'flgath from a flgath with any other flgathu ng'flgath from it

A fethfhau is a sharp-edged bone spur supported by a jointed bone armature that runs the length of a hngaug, taking up most of its internal space. Its main use is for performing slashing attacks in combat.

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