Fist of the Damned

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The Fist of the Damned, high servant of all things evil, is renowned for the powers the office confers, as well as the enemies it garners. Not much is known about details of the office, but some whisper that it involves death and destruction above all else.

Note: If unclaimed it appears in the Exoma as a "shimmering black orb" and can be claimed using the syntax "claim orb".

help fist
As the Fist of the Damned you have two very important things - the power of
multiple malevolent beings of incredible strength on your side, and the enmity
of a large number of powerful adventurers.  These adventurers are notified of
your entrance into this world, and are known to be excepted by the normal rules
of the atmai in that they receive no punishment for slaying you.  Use the
powers of the Fist wisely and prosper, or frivolously taunt your foes with it
and find your essence in a thin mist overlooking your own corpse.
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