Fist of the Damned

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The Fist of the Damned, high servant of all things evil, is renowned for the powers the office confers, as well as the enemies it garners. Not much is known about details of the office, but some whisper that it involves death and destruction above all else.

Note: If unclaimed it appears in the Exoma as a "shimmering black orb" and can be claimed using the syntax "claim orb".

help fist
As the Fist of the Damned you have two very important things - the power of
multiple malevolent beings of incredible strength on your side, and the enmity
of a large number of powerful adventurers.  These adventurers are notified of
your entrance into this world, and are known to be excepted by the normal rules
of the atmai in that they receive no punishment for slaying you.  Use the
powers of the Fist wisely and prosper, or frivolously taunt your foes with it
and find your essence in a thin mist overlooking your own corpse.

The Fist of the Damned (Artifact)

  • Item type: Ring
  • Materials: 54% obsidian, 43% lzarawn, 3% shekhinam
  • Damage Types: Divine will
  • Size: Variable (always fits officeholder)
  • Estimated value: 215 gold
  • Description:

This ring is polished obsidian with a black orb of glowing lzarawn inset into its center. The black orb shimmers into and out of existence like the pulsating of a living heart. Each pulse sends a chaotic flicker of inner radiance through it. It is elegantly crafted, engraved with a pattern of humanoid skulls which seem to, upon closer inspection, be chattering amongst themselves. You know this to be the Fist of the Damned. A sentient entity of great power that draws its energies from the damned souls of the realm then amplifies and redirects them into its wearer. It has a few thin wisps of spectral radiance, a tracery of blackness, a tracery of shimmering violet radiance, and a tracery of shimmering radiance within and around it. It is in perfect condition. It is intermediate in size, and looks just about right to fit you. It appears to you as if it was crafted for a mazikah. It looks about a twentieth of a dimin across and a fifth of a dimin around. It weighs about a two-hundredth of a dekan. You appraise it at two hundred fifteen gold. You are wearing it.

  • Extra effect - Bolt of Divine Will: If worn, discharges bolts of divine will in combat - eg. 'A bolt of divine will leaps from the Fist of the Damned toward a white-skinned female dana guard and smites her chest.'
  • Extra effect - Combat chatter: Talks to its owner in combat (typically to insult them) - eg. 'The Fist of the Damned whispers into your mind *~ If you cannot defeat the yellowish-skinned male dana archer why waste my magicks against him? ~*.'.
   The shimmering black orb whisper inside your mind ~* A claimant such as
yourself seems unable to share in my damnation. *~.
  • Warning: If you try to enter the LH church you will get dumped in Spiderwood or somewhere worse. Be careful.
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