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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Flux weapons are weapons which channel psionic energy into a contact medium (flux). Flux weapons can have flux capacitors attached, which presumably increases their effectiveness. They may not do as much damage as certain more conventional weapons, at least in the hands of an unskilled user. The blade, being made from energy, is extremely resilient.

Flux weapons are typically activated via the subvocalization of an activation word while the handle is wielded. Deactivation is accomplished through subvocalizing a deactivation word of by simply releasing the handle. Only when the flux weapon is active will it count as a weapon of its type for any purposes, this includes keeping. There is a spiritual energy cost for activating the weapon, and a very small cost to maintain. (Only triggers in combat. When your weapon hums, it is drawing energy from you. If you have no energy when it hums, it will shut down, so be warned. - Nyladon)



This steel baton, energy-focusing patterns etched into its surface, is the handle of a flux dagger, a psionic weapon. When grasped and its command word is subvocalized, a short blade of coherent psionic energy will spring forth from it. Creating and maintaining this energy field is psychically draining to a degree, and while anyone can bring it into being, the weapon only achieves full effectiveness in the hands of one with the psionic skills to properly control the field. The flux dagger is returned to its inactive state by subvocalization of another command word or when the wielder lets go of the handle. There is a raised rectangular block of metal on the baton. It is permeated by a shimmering radiance. It has a tracery of starry radiance

Blade colors

Flux weapons come in several different colours. The explanation for what effect weapon colors have on weapon effectiveness sometimes hotly debated, and not well-understood, but it is still commonly believed that weapon color denotes which psychic skill the weapon is most attuned to, with any white weapons corresponding to metastases because that was the original color of the metasenses-attuned matrices.

It's also possible that the color scale starts with black at the lowest, works its way up the visible light spectrum, and tops out at white.

Finally, it's entirely possible that the different colors and adjectives (eg. 'humming', 'translucent', etc) for flux weapon blades are simply cosmetic and have no real effect on weapon efficacy.

Flux capacitors

Attaching a Flux capacitor of a different color from the weapon's original will change the color of the weapon. Flux capacitors also come in different quality levels, evidenced by the intensity of the light they emit.

There seem to be two distinct messages for attaching a flux capacitor: one involves a shower of sparks, another involves a hum and a click. When attaching one with the sparks message, it turned the blade from yellow to orange. If the idea about moving up through the color spectrum is true, then it's possible that a flux capacitor might make it worse? The latter message didn't seem to change the color at all. There also seem to be different descriptors for the blade, like shimmering or flickering? Flux weapons also seem not to have the best craftsmanship rating, but they can be infused or reforged and still seem to be okay? Only because matrices are supposed to worsen if infused. Could it be possible that at least some of it involves the wielder's psionic skills, as the description implies? Is it possible to attach a capacitor to mindcleaver? It's one of the two artifact flux weapons--presumably that means it's very good?

Reforging helps but sadly Flux Weapons are the only weapons in the game with no quality descriptor so it's impossible to know how good one is from that perspective.
There are also flux capacitors that regenerate damage, which can be helpful since invariable they will burn out (scorch marks).

Activation Words

Flux Axe

eflom, diras, zaurn
mrane, kahal

Flux Claw

  • [damage: 6.84; penetration: 9.98; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 16

Flux Claymore

  • [damage: 40.97; penetration: 27.53; agonize: 0; stun: 0.99]
  • Activity: 26

Flux Dagger

  • [damage: 3.95; penetration: 11.76; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 14

Flux Greataxe

  • [damage: 35.83; penetration: 29.67; agonize: 0; stun: 1]
  • Activity: 26

Flux Knife

  • [damage: 5.63; penetration: 6.64; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 14

Flux Pike

  • [damage: 32.44; penetration: 32.23; agonize: 0; stun: 1]
  • Activity: 26

Flux Rapier

  • [damage: 7.39; penetration: 20.03; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 11

Flux Scimitar

  • [damage: 10.01; penetration: 11.11; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 18

Flux Scythe

faronthip, dathritan
crelmaros, slikorodo

Flux Shield


Flux Spear

  • [damage: 19.51; penetration: 19.58; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 23

Flux Staff

  • [damage: 36.87; penetration: 20; agonize: 0; stun: 1]
  • Activity: 26

Flux Sword

  • [damage: 12.67; penetration: 16.95; agonize: 0; stun: 0]
  • Activity: 14

Flux Whip

baramo, hmirsi, thelas
End of spoiler information.
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