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This article is about the flycatcher creature. For flycatchers as an Aligned form or empathic bonded familiar, see Flycatcher (Aligned Form) and Flycatcher (Empathic Bond).

   The Flycatcher Race
   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Flycatchers
   Anatomy: Avian
   Harm Skills:
       Animal Lore  80%
       Anatomy      20%
   No specific help is available for this race.
   Development Information: The flycatcher race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sat Mar 23 18:22:51 2013.

Sample description

   This is a female flycatcher with a black crest, blue wings and a white
   head, chest, and tail.  Her dark blue eyes are keenly perceptive.  
   She looks about seven tenths of a dimin long, nine twentieths of a dimin
   wide and seven tenths of a dimin tall.
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