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"Strike hard, strike fast and above all, strike true."
   Excerpt from a speech given at the Benediction of the Scales.
   Marshal Timieus Draeneur

Weapons are undeniably the most important components of any efficient and well-maintained army. Without strength of arms, the field of battle cannot be proficiently joined. As one of the first concerns, the hierarchy of the Justicars had addressed this through direct invocation to the lord of the scales. Unfortunately, time proved that the products of these prayers were somewhat limited in function. With this realization, Lord Marshal Strom Thromgald commissioned the realms finest artificers and weapon smiths to develop an effective forging process that combined not only the invocation of the Even-Handed, but also the mundane forging of a weapon by mortal hands and the rudiments of rune magic. Each individual weapon is hand-crafted by the Justicar to his desires, making it an extension of his own body.

Syntax: forge <type>
       release weapon
  The tools, materials, and working environment for forging weapons are
  provided at the Justicar smithy.  You can create a broad variety of weapons;
  to see your options, type 'forge' by itself in the smithy.
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