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Your spells, such as they are, are magickal structures that typically layer on top of natural structures of myriad sorts, from knowledge structures to biological structures. In this vein they are typically referred to as forms (with some of the more strict Aligned capitalized the "F").

One "casts" forms by actualizing them. The actualization of a form is brought about when the magickal and natural aspect are telesmatically aligned by a mental act. One's facility in dealing with the magickal structure that is a form is determined by one's magickal ability, specifically one's leximantic ability, along with related magickal subdisciplines, especially telesma. One's facility in dealing with the natural structure that the form must align with varies by form. Usually knowledge of the form is sufficient -- in which case one will need to know enough about the structure in question to refer to it with a high degree of resolution. It is this aspect of alignment that makes the Aligned scientists, artists, and scholars. Sometimes a real instance of the structure is necessary, in which case the need for knowledge of the structure is obviated. When an instance is used as a component, it is called a "seed" for that form.

You will learn of new forms naturally as your knowledge and facility with the world in general expands. It will be self-evident when a new form becomes available; one experiences it as a sort of deepened cognitive resonance with Hanoma. It is well-known among the Aligned that arts invented and/or refined by the Hanomans are an endless source of relevant structures.

The form syntaxes are often quite long and complex. It is highly recommended that you become fluent in aliases to use them. Particularly useful for some forms is the $* alias variable. Type 'help set alias' for more information. ]

One can view the forms one knows in different formats for convenience: see 'help form summary by type' and 'help form alphabetical summary'. Also of note: 'help form types'.


If you want help on how to get some of the Normative forms, but not the direct answer, check out this page. Aligned Form Hints

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

A list of known Aligned forms with their details is available.

End of spoiler information.
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