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Fungthek Strunthlg

   Summary: vibration dampener node
   Plural: G'fungthek
   Vorgaal: five
   Typical Fungmrul: somewhat high
   Required to Know: have at least 20 points among physics skill and 50% of biology skill
   Required to Flgathl: have at least 40 points among physics skill and 50% of biology skill
   Maximum Flgathu Formula: 2% of metamorphosis skill plus 2% of physics skill plus 1% of biology skill
   Capabilities Affected: balance and thunder resistance
   Efficacy Formula: 20% of metamorphosis skill plus 150% of physics skill plus 75% of biology skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor
       of nineteen
   Fl-n'gathl From: zath vorgaal

A fungthek is a systolic node, central point of a webwork of fibers that it grows for itself throughout your vorgaal, which it uses to dampen vibration, reducing the harm that sonic attacks can do to you. This also incidentally improves your sense of balance.

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