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This is the battlerager's most deadly ability (both to himself and his opponent). With this ability, you enter a single-minded state of combat. You push your body beyond normal limits to increase the damage that your body can sustain. Be aware that this is a tough state to keep in, and even the best battlerager is hard pressed to keep it more than 4 minutes. When fury wears off, you will be exhausted and barely able to move or act, even more importantly, you will lose most of those extra hit points you gained as the battle lust wears off and your body drops back down to normal (possibly causing death). Use this ability with caution; it's easy to forget you're wounded when you're wrapped up in fury.

You can receive a general idea of how much time remains before the fury runs out with 'show fury time'.

Syntax: will myself into a fury

Spiritual Energy Cost: 30
Endurance Cost: 10

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