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GLC proficiency is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

[ Green Lantern Proficiency ]

There are a number of factors affecting the ability of a Green Lantern to make use of his powers.

First among these is willpower. This is critical to the operation of the power rings; it requires a strong will to use the least of its capabilities. The stronger the will, the more power the wielder will be able to bring forth from the ring.

Second is the power control skills. These determine various aspects of one's ability to manipulate energies of the sort employed by power rings. They are generation, focusing, directing, and tuning. More intelligent Green Lanterns will be also be able to apply these skills more effectively.

Third are ancillary skills. Some uses of the power ring require additional abilities; for instance, using the ring for healing is affected by one's anatomy skill, using it to create weapons requires weapon lore, and creating armour requires armour lore.

Fourth is purity of heart. If you find yourself drifting away from the ideals of the Corps, toward dark ways, you will also find your power ring failing you. Take care not to allow this situation to occur.

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