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Garax the Mass Demolisher was once one of the mightiest of the lothar Battleragers from Kolond. The founder of the Adventuring group 'Day Break', Garax enlisted the aid of those righteous enough to combat the forces of evil across Almeria. As his mortality became apparent, and most of his allies had already departed for paradise, he requisitioned a Potion of Power from the wise sage Erasmus of Discordia. Garax achieved immortality but at a price; he was forced to abandon his life as an adventurer and serve a higher purpose.

Garax faded silently away into nothingness, leaving only the sound of battle behind. Witnesses mention that he murmered something about some skinny red mage and that he'd see him soon.

Allegedly likes the ladies, but certain skinny red mages have photo's proving otherwise.

(lol - sure don't leave an email prick :) )

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