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-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --
[ Button Name              :  Garbage Analysis                    ]
[ Button Description       :  Object categorization and analysis  ]
[ Button Color             :  White                               ]
[ Button Shape             :  Cracked monocle                     ]
[ Garbology Skill          :  Sixty                               ]
[ Ooze Affinity            :  Fifty                               ]
[ Energy Costs             :  seventy-five spiritual energy       ]
[ Tokens Required          :  Three hundred                       ]

[ Button Information ]

[ The white button will cause a metal probe to protude from your portable litter disposal unit, which can be used to gather information on an item. The information provided draws on your abilities in garbology and ooze affinity. Below is the syntax for proper probe usage.

poke (or prod) [object] with unit's probe

Your portable litter disposal unit's display screen will provide the info collected by the probe to you. The probe's connection to the unit is tenuous and any movement on your part will cause it to close. Alternatively, pressing the button again will also cause it to withdraw. No other buttons will function while the white button is active. ]

Hank's Garbage Thondur

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