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-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --
[ Button Name              :  Garbage Ejection                                 
[ Button Description       :  Garbage projectile defensive protocol            
[ Button Color             :  Red                                              
[ Button Shape             :  Broken bottle                                    
[ Garbology Skill          :  One hundred five                                 
[ Ooze Affinity            :  Twenty-five                                      
[ Energy Costs             :  twenty-five spiritual energy and fifteen
    endurance  ]
[ Tokens Required          :  One hundred                                      

[ Button Information ]

[ Garbage collection can be a risky endeavor, not everything one encounters is friendly and willing to stand aside while you collect the litter. Therefore a Garbage Thondur has this red button providing the option to utilize the garbage aquired in one's travels as projectiles hurled at an attacker. The only requirements is to have at least a dozen items of garbage inside the portable litter disposal unit. Press it once to activate, and again to deactivate. Nothing can be placed inside the portable litter disposal unit while it is active. No other buttons can be activated while this or any other button has been activated. Every time the projectile defensive mechanism is triggered it will draw upon your energies to do so. If ten items or less are detected within the portable litter disposal unit it will deactivate itself immediately. Accuracy and power of the thrown projectile increases with garbology and ooze affinity skills. ]

Hank's Garbage Thondur

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