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-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --
[ Button Name              :  Garbage Retrieval                                            
[ Button Description       :  Non-garbage extraction                           
[ Button Color             :  Teal                                             
[ Button Shape             :  Slashed circle                                   
[ Garbology Skill          :  Fifty-five                                       
[ Ooze Affinity            :  Twenty                                           
[ Energy Costs             :  three hundred fifty spiritual energy and one
    hundred endurance  ]
[ Tokens Required          :  One hundred fifty                                

[ Button Information ]

[ Realizing mistakes can be make, Hank had this button added to allow a hapless Garbage Thondur the chance to retrieve an item mistakenly tossed into the portable litter disposal unit. Press it before attempting to remove anything and press it again when complete. However, there is a cost; an amount of tokens based on half the item's worth will be deducted and registered by the unit. This isn't the item's worldly value (often its value in gold), but a more esoteric worth, determined by a process few understand. The white button may be of some use in determining this value to a seasoned garbologist. This button only allows retrieval as long as tokens are available to cover this cost, if your tokens are too low it will no longer function as intended. ]

NOTE: Lowest cost I've seen is 3 - Highest was 10

Hank's Garbage Thondur

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