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Command: Take

   General-Use Command
   Usage: take <what> [except <what>] [from <object>]
   Aliases: get

Take an item. 'what' can be the name of one object ('dagger'), several objects ('daggers'), or 'all'. If you want to take something that's in or on another object, you would use the 'take <what> from <object>' form. You need some form of working manipulatory capability to do this; normally, this means you need a usable hand. The action will use up energy as appropriate to the manipulator you are using (again, in the typical case of a hand, endurance), as well as activity, in proportion to the mass and volume of the items being moved around.

   Examples: take all
             take flowers
             get all from sack
             get swords from chest

Development Information: The take command was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sat Aug 18 23:25:26 2007.

See Also: drop, give, put

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