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This is a male llelimin with white skin, silver hair, and deep violet
eyes.  Ghaelion is a short, elderly llelimin whose love of life and all things
has lead him on many great adventures.  His deep wisdom and experience made
him the perfect leader for the fledgling village. He wields Snapdragon in his hands. 


  • Ghaelion is the Elder of Thistlewood, but killing him will not agro the town. *Not True, the dragon will aggro*--Win 20:59, 5 September 2011 (EDT)
  • He is located at 7, 5, 1 in Thistlewood.
  • He steals items from you, just like all the others in Thistlewood.
  • Ghaelion has a case with random items and gold inside of his home. Kill him and take the key to take the items.
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