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Ghaunadu does not show up when using "show attacks" - rest assured you can still utilize it.

   Perform Ghaunadu
   Shoggoth Race Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform ghaunadu [<ghaunadlek>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 22
   Activity Cost For You: 22
   This is the primary ingestive method of shoggoth metabolism, the ability to ghaunadu (consume) nearly any organic matter simply by flowing over it,
tearing the ghaunadlek (subject) apart at a miniscule level with one's carculgnath, and absorbing the raw materials produced.  As this is a fundamentally
different process from ghaa'ghu digestion, a shoggoth gh'hlaunadu (consuming) an object is not subject to many effects that a ghaa'ghu might suffer from
eating or drinking it, such as intoxication and poisoning, but also will not receive any special benefits that might be possible.
   Of course, there is no great distinction between animate and inanimate organic matter for this purpose, so ghaa'ghu beings acquainted with shoggothim
most typically regard gh'hlaunadu as a particularly hideous and terrifying combat maneuver.
   If no ghaunadlek is specified and you are in combat, you will attempt to ghaunadu your current opponent.
   Gh'hlaunadu addresses most of your more complex metabolic needs; it does not always, however, supply enough fluids for the maintenance of healthy
carculgnath, depending on what sorts of things one fl-n'ghaunadu.  This is addressed very easily: simply immerse yourself in a pool, stream, river, ocean,
or the like, and your carculgnath will filter pure water from it as a matter of course.
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