Golden Path (Empathic Bonds)

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The Golden Path is an ability granted by sparrows to their consorts. It allows a form of non-conceptual-navigation based short-range teleportation, as well as a few other benefits.


visualize the Golden Path

allows the user to begin walking the Golden Path.

visualize an ordinary path

allows the user to step off the Golden Path.

review my path

allows the user to see the last few locations they have been to.

step to <#>

allows the user to teleport to the number of the location provided, as found from reviewing their path.

turn to <#>

allows the user to view a location on their path, as if they were present, without actually translocating.


Trains Divination, Eideturgy, and possibly Order Affinity. The consort receives a scaling buff to their Cosmology, Divination, Metasenses, Orienteering, and Streetwise, as well as the Situational Awareness trait. The consort's Perception, as well as Astral Perception, receives a buff that increases with facility.

While on the Golden Path, SP is drained over time. Turning or Stepping to a location drains Order energy, as does reviewing one's path.

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