Astral Perception

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Trait Category: Spiritual
Trait Type: Rating
Overall Possible Natural Values: 0 to 10
Astral perception enables one to visually perceive the subtle energies that permeate the world, from the spiritual energy common to
all living things to magickal forces and the manifestations of psychic powers.  For instance, gazing at a magickal weapon, one would
see not only the physical substance of the blade but also the energies of the enchantment suffusing it.  Higher ratings in astral
perception allow you to see more clearly and finely; at lower ratings, only the larger and more potent collections of energies will
be visible, with subtler influences escaping your notice.  You are also more sensitive to particular kinds of energy to which you
are attuned for one reason or another.  Astral perception does not function while one is blinded.  (Development note: it is intended
that this should cease to be the case when sufficient support is available for modeling the world as seen
solely through astral perception.)
Development Information: The astral perception trait was created by Chaos, who wishes to credit Paul Hume as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Mon Jan 13 22:28:56 2020.

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