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Bonding Requirements

Courage is required, as is fairly obvious from the bond failure message:

You sense that the black-striped orange female tiger barbarian gladiator feels you to
be too cowardly to share a bond with.

Known Abilities

The tiger is a huge feline carnivore that can be found in the jungles of Tenochlan and the northern wasteland of Gardagh. It is a massive, powerful beast that is easily large enough to ride, often 25 dimins long. It breathes air, eats meat, and can see in the dark.

Combat Bonuses

The tiger's consort gains a bonus to attack rating equal to hir Vitality attribute, Fire Affinity skill, and 75% of Courage skill. This is applied to all types of attack. Your familiar must be present in your environment to obtain this effect.

The tiger also grants bonuses to dodge rating and deflection ratings equal to the consort's Vitality, Fire Affinity, and one-half of Courage skills.

Additionally, 50% of the consort's Forestry skill is added to all attack and defense ratings, regardless of the current environment's terrain. When the terrain is forest, this bonus is increased to 200% of Forestry skill.

Petting the familiar

You pet Selah with your left hand.
You sense warm energies flowing from Maneater's body into your spirit.

This provides a temporary bonus to the skills Cold Tolerance, Crushing Resistance, Cutting Resistance, Fire Affinity, Heat Tolerance, Piercing Resistance, and Water Resistance. It also restores one spell point.

Note: noticed today that I can summon two fire spirits if I've got the petting buff, and one without it. this indicates that it also enhances pyraturgy, or that the ability to summon more than one is based on more than just pyraturgy. Gauen 15:36, 15 July 2014 (EDT)

Svadhisthana Chakra

Being bonded to a tiger opens and charges the Svhadhisthana (orange) chakra, which provides a large bonus to agility, numerous skill bonuses, and grants the Paraneurism trait when fully charged.

Attribute Modifications

The tiger grants its consort very large bonuses to vitality and willpower, a moderate bonus to strength, and a small bonus to ego.

Specialty Bonuses

Bonus specialty degrees and access are provided as follows:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Shortly after bonding:

Tier 3

At the middle of "very frail" bond strength:

Tier 4

In the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

At "very healthy" bond strength, the first tier bonus specialties are increased to 2.

At some point in "resilient" bond strength (?) the second tier bonus specialties are increased to 2.

At around "deep" bond strength, the third tier bonus specialties are increased to 2.

Tier 5

Towards the end of "very healthy" bond strength:

In the middle of "robust" bond strength, the second tier bonus specialty (courage) is increased to 2.

At "resilent" bond strength, the third tier bonus specialties are increased to 2.

In the middle of "deep" bond strength, the first tier bonuses are increased to three.


Initially the tiger grants the following charms:

Shortly after, still in "very frail":

Near the end of "very frail":

  • Convert spiritual energy into elemental fire resource energy

At "somewhat frail":

  • Summon Fire Elemental

Additional Bonuses and Powers

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength, a new attack maneuver called "Panoply of Firedarts" is granted, and is fueled by elemental fire energy stored via the convert charm, granted at the previous threshold. This maneuver has a very low action cost, is extremely accurate, does very high damage via a very large sized "spray" effect, and costs a very large amount of fire resource energy (37 points). It does a mixture of piercing and fire damage. It can be fired with the 'perform special attack' command.

Traits granted

At "fairly healthy" bond strength, one point of the Astral Perception trait is granted, and scales with bond strength.

At around "resilient" bond strength, a point of night vision is granted. It is likely that if the consort already has light sensitivity that it will be worsened.

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