Grog Gruk

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  • Location: Og in Calais
  • Occupation: Leader of Og
  • Look
    This is a male ogre with red-streaked black skin, black hair, and dark
yellow eyes.  A mass of filthy black hair cascades across chief Grog's
shoulders and down his back, tied into a thick pony-tail with a piece of raw
leather.  Thick fangs jut upward from his bottom jaw cutting into his upper
lip.  He has grotesque warts across his face and upper body.  Most of which
are thick and whole, with strands of hair dangling from them while a few have
been scratched and ripped open with thick trails of dried pus and tiny
rivulets of blood clotting along his flesh.  As a great and fierce ogre
warrior, chief Grog began collecting followers of his kind at a young age. 
Even as an ogre he was considered to be quite large, making him the leader
almost by default.  Rumoured to possess higher intelligence than was
considered normal for his race it was he that banded many ogres together and
built the village within the forest known as Og.  
    He looks about twenty-seven and a half dimins tall, ten dimins wide, and
two and eleven twentieths dimins front to back.  
    He is in good shape.  
    He wields a dragon giant leather-wrapped bone club in his hands.  He wears
an enormous black bear fur hide legging on his left leg, an enormous brown
moose fur hide legging on his right leg, an enormous black-spotted brown lynx
fur hide left boot on his left foot, an enormous brown gnoll fur hide right
boot on his right foot, an enormous brown moose fur hide shirt on his upper
body, an enormous black badger fur hide cap on his head, an enormous
reddish-brown garou fur hide belt around his waist, an enormous black-spotted
yellow cheetah fur hide gauntlet on his left hand, and an enormous dark gray
garou fur hide gauntlet on his right hand.
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