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Gzilik Strunthlg

   Summary: foot structure
   Plural: Gziliku
   Vorgaal: twenty
   Typical Fungmrul: somewhat low
   Required to Know: have at least 40 points among anatomy skill and animal lore skill
   Required to Flgathl: have at least 130 points among anatomy skill, animal lore skill, and physics skill
   Requirement to Flgathl Met: Yes
   Maximum Flgathu Formula: 2% of metamorphosis skill plus 1% of anatomy skill plus 1% of animal lore skill
   Fl-n'gathl From: eklekfhlg
   Flgath Restrictions: only one gzilik can be ng'flgath from a given eklekfhlg
   Can Presently Flgathl: no

A gzilik is a rough approximation of a ghaa'ghu foot, requiring an Eklekfhlg from which to flgathl.

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