Hadzhan Naraam

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This is a male rajan. Hadzhan Naraam has for many years been the most famous and respected member of the rajan death guard. His record of service in many wars and conflicts speaks for itself, but no louder than the man himself - by his own boasts, he has slain at least one of every living creature from his native continent. Although members of the elite death guard are rarely put on exploratory missions, Hadzhan has used his high rank to push himself on many cross-planar missions; his stated goal being to find new and interesting creatures to slay. The rajan's horns curve backwards, often thought to be a sign of madness -- a fact about Hadzhan denied by no one save himself, his bloodlust too great for even the extreme rajan standard.

He looks about sixteen and a half dimins tall, five and a fifth dimins wide, and one and three tenths dimins front to back. He wields Gutslicer in his right hand. He wears a black silk cloak around his body, a black iron plate-and-mail halfsuit on his body, a pair of black iron plate boots on his feet, a black iron helmet on his head, and a pair of red-iron-spiked black iron plate gauntlets on his hands.

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