Harmonist (Wild Talent)

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  • Primary use: Heal mental afflictions (especially damaged Wild Talents)
  • Combat talent: No
  • Reveals by:
    • Performing first aid



Percieve Spirit

  • Command: concentrate on percieving the spirit of <target>
  • Effect: ?
  • Facility:

Restore Harmony

  • Command: concentrate on restoring harmony to the spirit of <target>
  • Effect: Transfers spirit energy to target, as well as healing mental illnesses and damaged talents
  • Facility:

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a harmonist.


You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a harmonist.

Performing first aid

As you prepare to treat <§> Meg <§>, suddenly a strange power wells up within your mind.
<§> Meg <§> shimmers with a subtle radiance.
You feel a flow of energy from your revitalizing and restoring balance to <§> Meg <§>'s spirit.

Help File

  The benevolent talent of the harmonist consists in the ability to
perceive and restore the spirit of others. They frequently describe this
process as being like bringing the spirit back into balance and harmony
with itself, hence their common appellation. Their services are valued
by mages, psychics, and others who frequently find themselves draining
their spiritual energy to near exhaustion.
  In order to perform restoration of the spirit, a harmonist must first be
able to examine its state. This ability relies upon your perception and
skill at metasenses. To use it, concentrate on perceiving the spirit of your
  Spirit restoration itself is a more complex effect, your capability at
which is determined by your ego, perception, willpower, and skill in the
psionic disciplines of redaction and metasenses. To perform this service for
another, concentrate on restoring harmony to the spirit of the person you
are assisting.
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