Hellhound (Empathic Bond)

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Known Abilities

The hellhound is a very aggressive and dangerous predator that can be found in Skarlan. It is physically tough, and has a powerful bite attack as well as a fire breath attack. It does not fly and breathes air, although it does have some degree of night vision.

Like many canines, the hellhound tends to have some amount of subordination skill, which translates into a larger share of experience awarded when fighting, whether with the familiar only or with tamed hellhounds.

Combat Bonuses

The consort is granted bonuses to attack and damage ratings from Tenacity and Tracking as long as their familiar is in the same room. The values are calculated by multiplying each skill's rating by current bond strength and some hidden factor.

Attribute Modifications

The consort gains Intellect, Vitality, Willpower and Perception from their bond.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Infernal Fieldcraft 16 75 + 10% base
Tenacity 16 75 + 10% base
Tracking 16 75 + 10% base
Tactics 14 70
Desert Fieldcraft 12 60
Fire Affinity 12 60
Qlippotic Affinity 12 60
Recuperation 12 60
Sephirotic Resistance 12 60
Stamina 12 60
Subordination 12 60
Cacoturgy 11 55
Metacreativity 11 55
Pyraturgy 11 55
Eructation 8 40
Intimidation 8 40
Killer Instinct 8 40
Plains Fieldcraft 8 40
Somatesthesia 8 40
Exoma Fieldcraft 7 35
Leadership 6 30
Courage 4 20
Hardiness 4 20
Pain Tolerance 4 20
Resilience 4 20
Steadiness 4 20


Hellhounds are frightfully intimidating creatures and can bully their kin into following their consort. Initially the hellhound grants the following charms:

  • Urge
  • Command
  • Tame (NB: While the three hellhounds in Shadow Tower can be tamed, they cannot be kept b/c no keep value is configured in their code.)

Shortly after:

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

  • Hellfire Shroud (NB: Don't touch your hellhound while this is active or it will draw aggro.)

At the middle of "very healthy" bond strength:

At "resilient" bond strength:

At "deep" bond strength:


At the middle of "very healthy" bond strength, the consort is granted a breath attack and phlogiston glands to fuel it. The attack deals fire damage, but with some development of Qlippotic Affinity (already granted by the hellhound), the damage type becomes "sinfire", or a mixture of fire and unholy damage.

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