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Clyde has taken you on as one of his Wandslingers, a loose band of vigilante wanderers with special training in the art of wand combat. Wandslingers have a reputation for being laws unto themselves, uncompromising even with each other, always prepared to face the worst.

Each Wandslinger can offer vigilance to a locale and defend it as he sees fit. Doing so focuses one's mind and brings one closer to one's ka. See help show ka and help show vigil for more information.

Beyond certain minimal standards of admittance, Clyde lets his Wandslingers decide how to enforce justice on their own, trusting his students to protect those who deserve protection. Conflicts between his students over this issue have led to legendary and often tragic shooting duels.

Wandslingers are precise, fast, and deadly with their wands. They receive training in all aspects of wand use and wand lore. They have developed methods to bypass their normal esoteric activation mechanisms and fire them with but a thought. To fire a wand you have wielded, simply "will the activation of <wand>" or, generically, "will the activation of my wand". If you are wielding more than one wand, the latter command will activate all of them. A Wandslinger sufficiently advanced towards his ka can attain a mental set known as Wandslinger focus; see help perform Wandslinger focus for details.

Clyde has devised holsters for his Wandslingers. In addition to facilitating quickdraw, they also gradually recharge any wand holstered within them. The belts draw on its bearer's subconscious ability at enchanting for guidance and energy, making learning the art of enchantment beneficial to the Wandslinger despite the passive nature of its employment. One should take care that one's belt does not fall into the hand of one's enemies.

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