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    Armour Type: Hlunthmok

    Rarity: Exotic
    Plural: Hlunthmoks
    General Appearance: construction
    Typically Made For: bezhuldaars
    Limbs Covered: right foretentacle, left foretentacle, right mid-foretentacle, left
        mid-foretentacle, right midtentacle, left midtentacle, right mid-hindtentacle, left
        mid-hindtentacle, right hindtentacle, left hindtentacle, carapace, and chest
    Worn: on your body
    Coverage: 90%

    A hlunthmok is an exotic form of armour designed for the needs of the bezhuldaar race, mostly
spherical in shape, hinged so as to open like a clamshell, with a collection of ten flexible
tubular assemblies for the wearer's eyestalks on one side and, about ninety degrees from that, a
smaller hinged opening for the mouth below a set of horizontal slits for the central eye to look
out of.
    Development Information: The hlunthmok armour type was created by Lost Souls; the source code
was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:23:03 2016.
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