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The Iaorexi Race

   Rarity: Special
   Plural: Iaorexi
   Collective Term: a war of iaorexi
   Anatomy: Iaorexoid
   Sexes: Hermaphrodite
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy      56%
       Animal Lore  44%

The iaorexi are a caste among the iaoxi hive species -- the highest caste; that of queens, a hermaphroditic self-fertilizing creature. These queens are the egg-layers, the most vital part of the iaoxi hive. They are also the most powerful organism the hive produces, as well as the most rare. Queens are territorial: an iaoxini -- an iaoxi infant -- will not develop into a queen unless it is absolutely unable to sense the presence of a queen in the area outlying its vicinity. Outside of hives, iaorexi are more vulnerable, but when inside their nests they are surrounded by their iaoxling spawn and their iaoxi soldiers. Few who have chanced upon an iaoxi hive without being dragged there violently for implantation have seen an iaoxrexi. Among those that have, scarcely any lived to tell about it.

Development Information: The iaorexi race was created by Lull, who wishes to credit H. R. Giger as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Lost Souls.

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