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The Iaoxi Race

   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Iaoxi
   Collective Term: a hive of iaoxi
   Anatomy: Iaoxoid
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy      56%
       Animal Lore  44%

The iaoxi are a terrifying race whose origins are shrouded in obscurity. Their most striking feature is their elongated head, and the mouthed protuberance that rests inside their jaws until it is propelled forward to bite a victim. Upon their backs are four cylindrical tubes used for breathing both in and out of water. Their exoskeletons are curved and ridged into a frightening shape; with the exception of their heads, backs and tails, their bony appearances bear resemblance to the skeletons of many common races of anthropoids throughout the lands.

Scholars, among which there are few who know more than scant details about this race, lament that the really shocking fact about the iaoxi is their deadly instinctual knowledge of how to track down and hunt prey in an extremely effective manner. Iaoxi are more intelligent than animals, but do not employ speech -- it is postulated that they perhaps use a hive bond to commune with each other. Iaoxi have never been seen using tools or wielding weapons; their natural armament of acid blood, fanged jaws, clawed fingers and a tail bearing a wicked barb serve them magnificently in combat. In addition to this natural weaponry, iaoxi also possess glands for spitting their acid upon victims.

The creatures spawn from a hive queen, an iaorexi, whose eggs hatch iaoxlings, parasitoids that attach to a victim's face and implant an iaoxi embryo. Once developed, the embryo emerges violently from the host's chest -- almost always resulting in immediate death. The iaoxi infant -- an iaoxini -- goes into hiding, and grows at an astoundingly fast rate into a mature iaoxi drone.

Development Information: The iaoxi race was created by Lull, who wishes to credit H. R. Giger as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Lost Souls.

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