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    The Iaoxini Race

    Rarity: Very Rare
    Plural: Iaoxini
    Collective Term: a thrash of iaoxini
    Anatomy: Iaoxinioid
    Harm Skills:
        Anatomy      56%
        Animal Lore  44%

    An iaoxini is a young, undeveloped form of the iaoxi hive species.  Depending on various
biological factors, an iaoxini can develop into different forms as it matures; most often, the
deadly iaoxi hive soldier.  Iaoxini infants are instinctively wary of all other species they
encounter, and prone to flee should anyone chance to come across them.  They are quite small and
look almost like an eyeless serpent.  Iaoxini are fairly weak, and vulnerable to many forms of
attack.  Very rarely does an iaoxini molt into an iaorexi -- the hive queen caste -- because its
natural impulse is to guard any existent queen should it sense one.  Nonetheless, whatever caste
the iaoxini develops into, this stage of development is a mere prelude to a much larger, more
terrifying creature, as iaoxini mature very rapidly.
    Development Information: The iaoxini race was created by Lull, who wishes to credit H. R. Giger
as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Fri Apr 22 21:01:44 2016.
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