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The Iaoxling Race

   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Iaoxlings
   Collective Term: a swarm of iaoxlings
   Anatomy: Iaoxlingoid
   Sexes: Hermaphrodite
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy      56%
       Animal Lore  44%

Iaoxlings are perhaps the most peculiar form of life found amongst the iaoxi hive species. They look something like an eyeless scorpion, crustacean, or spider; but their legs are finger-like, lengthy seizing digits that are suited for grasping a victim's skull. They are prodigious leapers, for the sole reason they exist is to hunt down a suitable host, jump on them and grasp the victim's head in their legs and tail. Once attached, they are nearly impossible to remove without killing their host; but this is hardly a concern because they complete their task in very short time. Their biological role is that of a carrier for an iaoxi embryo which, once implanted through the mouth into the chest, begins to feed off of its carrier. After the embryo is implanted, the iaoxling falls away and swiftly dies. The embryo grows rapidly, and once sufficiently developed, gnaws its way out through the host's ribcage, resulting in instantaneous death. The newborn young, termed an iaoxini, swiftly emerges out of the terrible wound and either devours its host or slithers away to a safe hiding place. Iaoxlings hatch from eggs laid by iaorexi -- the queen caste of the iaoxi hive. They can survive preserved in their eggs almost indefinitely; once hatched they do not live nearly as long as their fully-developed counterparts, the iaoxi drones.

Development Information: The iaoxling race was created by Lull, who wishes to credit H. R. Giger as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Lost Souls.

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