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  • Location: Fort Boastt
  • Occupation: Angry Dracolich
  • Look
    This appears to be the animated opalescent bones of a great dragon, with bits of tattered,
parchment-like skin hanging from it in places.  In its eye-sockets burn points of black light that
somehow seem filled with hatred for all that lives.  It is a dracolich, a dragon who in life sought
immortality through eldritch and terrible paths, and found it.  In life, this was a powerfully
built dragon, as demonstrated by the width of its stance and the overall swagger with which it
    It looks about thirty-two dimins long, eight dimins wide, and sixteen dimins tall. 
  • Info
   Its limbs are named skull, right foreleg bone, left foreleg bone, right foreclaw, left
foreclaw, right wing-armature, left wing-armature, ribcage, right hindleg bone, left hindleg bone,
right hindclaw, left hindclaw, and tail.  Ifurilaszth was created by Lysator; the source code was
last updated Thu Mar 16 14:56:15 2017.  The dracolich race was created by Dodger and Chaos, who
wish to credit TSR Games as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Fri Apr 21
08:48:04 2017.
  • Notes
       "acid"                          : 25,
       "alkali"                        : 25,
       "magical"                       : 75,
       "force"                         : 25,
       "extropic"                      : 50,
       "chaos"                         : 75,
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