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Start Ignoring

Usage: start ignoring <person>

Causes you to ignore another incarnos, which means you will not see out-of-character communication or channel messages from that person. In-character communication aside from channel use is not affected. Ignoring a developer affects most channel messages, but not other communication. Your ignore list is carried across all the characters on your atman, and cannot exceed thirty people; after that you will have to stop ignoring people before you can add new entries.

See Also: show ignoring, stop ignoring, switch ignoring

Stop Ignoring

Usage: stop ignoring <person>

Causes you to cease ignoring an incarnos you previously were ignoring.

See Also: show ignoring, start ignoring, switch ignoring

Switch Ignoring

Usage: switch ignoring <person>

Switches whether you will ignore the specified incarnos.

See Also: show ignoring, start ignoring, stop ignoring

Show Ignoring

Usage: show ignoring

Shows the names of any incarnoi you are presently ignoring, and whether they are currently incarnate.

See Also: start ignoring, stop ignoring, switch ignoring

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