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Obtained from asking Kaila for an oculus in the Illuminatorium at Leah's Hill, this item is intimately related to solving the Illuminatorium

  • look:
    This is a disc made of clear glass.  You recognize this as an Illuminatorium Oculus, a device
that helps its user complete the Illuminatorium puzzles.  Around the outside of the disc are
triangular runes of light.  
    It looks about two dimins across and a tenth of a dimin long.  It weighs about nine tenths of a
  • info:
    'Think about the Illuminatorium' for more information.  Runes along the edge of the
Illuminatorium Oculus can be viewed with 'look at runes on oculus'.  Keeping the Illuminatorium
Oculus costs three keep points.  The Illuminatorium Oculus was created by Veneficus; the source
code was last updated Mon Apr 04 06:29:58 2016.  The material glass was created by Lost Souls; the
source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:18:45 2016.


the Illuminatorium

The Illuminatorium is a temple to Eosphoros and contains three light-based challenges. These can be accessed through the portals in the Illuminatorium. Through the blue, green, and red portals lie the Illuminatorium Incendens, the Illuminatorium Colore, and the Illuminatorium Accendens respectively. Think about each one to learn more about it. To aid you in completing these challenges, the oculus can be rubbed to display a map of the current area. As you complete each one, runes on the edge of the oculus will activate. You can flip these runes and the oculus itself, and rotate the oculus as necessary to rearrange them. Eosphoros will reward those who can complete this final challenge.

the Illuminatorium Incendens

The object of the Illuminatorium Incendens is to light up all the rooms. When you enter you will be given some glowglobes. If you drop one, it will light up all the rooms in a line in each cardinal direction until a wall is reached. There are two restrictions on where these may be placed: 1) The light from one globe cannot hit another. 2) Numbered walls must have exactly that many globes adjacent. Diagonals do not count for the purposes of adjacency.

the Illuminatorium Colore

The object of the Illuminatorium Colore is to change the color of the gems in each room to match that of the floors. The north, south, and east walls emit beams of colored light. Each gem will have four beams incident upon it, which will combine their colors to light the gem. Each beam's color can be changed by pushing the button located on the wall from which it emerges. The rules for color combination are as follows:

  • Three of any one color and one of any other, or four of any one color will become the dominant color.
  • Two red and two blue beams become purple.
  • Two red and two green beams become yellow.
  • Two green and two blue beams become cyan.
  • One each of red, green, and blue, and one of any color become white.

the Illuminatorium Accendens

The object of the Illuminatorium Accendens is to shine light into each room from a predetermined number of directions. Each wall has a button that can be pushed to turn the light from that wall on or off. On the top level the button on the floor is for the ceiling. Each light counts as one and passes through each room until it hits the opposite wall. Each room is marked with the amount of light required.

the Illuminatorium Oculus

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  • l runes on oculus
  • rotate oculus left|right
  • flip %rune on oculus
  • flip oculus
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