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Imperfect is an attractive green-skinned imp with an apparently permanent
crease to her forehead, setting her otherwise pretty face into a frown of
    She looks about nine and a twentieth dimins tall, two and seventeen
twentieths dimins wide, and seven tenths of a dimin front to back.  
    She is in good shape.
Imperfect yells, *Oh, I shouldn't have eaten that hot fudge sundae!  I can already feel my hips getting heavier!* in squeakingly accented Anglic.
Imperfect sez, *My wings have been awfully droopy lately.*
Imperfect yells, *One simply cannot obtain a good pedicure these days, <adventurer>!*
Imperfect frowns worriedly.
Implacable drinks the last of his hip flask of impure gin.
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