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Implode is a wan, sickly-looking yellow-skinned imp with a haunted look to
his large blue eyes.  He was born with a strange and deadly power that
Imperious has taken advantage of to secure his regime.  
    He looks about nine and three tenths dimins tall, two and nine tenths
dimins wide, and three quarters of a dimin front to back.  
    He is in good shape.
Implode quietly shrills, *People accuse me of being a lackey of a totalitarian regime, but I don't have any choice... I'm just following orders!* at you in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
Implode quietly shrills, *Stay away from Imperious or I'll have to use my power on you!*
Implode quietly squeaks, *Oh, if only I could be free again...*

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