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Impostor is a skinny pink-skinned imp with a wild, unsettling gleam to his
wide yellow eyes.  He looks quite crazed.  
    He looks about eight and four fifths dimins tall, two and three quarters
dimins wide, and seven tenths of a dimin front to back.  
    He is in good shape.
Impostor sez, *I am the one, true President of Imptropolis, <adventurer>!  I wish I knew why no one believes me.* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
Impostor yells, *I'm the President!  The President, I tell you!*
Impostor axes, *Why won't anyone believe me?*
Impostor yells, *You're all in league with Imperious, aren't you?  Admit it!*
Impostor giggles uncontrollably.
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