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Item Availability

  • Items in lost souls can be roughly classified into three levels of availability, Static Load, Rare Static Load, and Random Load.
    • Once a player has the knowledge, and a sufficiently capable character; accessing static load items can be trivial.
    • Accessing rare static load items can be fairly easy, but very time consuming, requiring repeated attempts over an extended period.
    • Accessing Random Load items on the other hand is largely a matter of luck. Identifying rare-but-occasionally-sought-after random load items is a project beyond the scope of this article, but many players are in the habit of saving these items for the purpose of trading/sharing them as they become useful to others.
  • Not all items fit cleanly into the categories outlined, and there are other factors that might make certain randomload items easier, or static load items more difficult to acquire. But these categories establish a good baseline for item acquisition.
  • Since item generation is largely invisible to players, and we have no form of mass data collection in place, it is very likely that many items thought to be random load only are incorrectly classified.
  • For new players: Many Static Load items will be beyond your reach until you have a sufficiently powerful character. But these items are often extremely easy for others to acquire for you. Experienced players are probably willing to help so feel free to ask.

Static Load

Static Load refers to any items that are obtainable in predictable locations. It generally refers to the following:

  • NPCs that spawn with a specific pieces of equipment or artifacts.
    • Many ordinary keepable items appear in the possession of a particular NPC each time they appear, Victorio will always spawn with one mallet of quickness equipped.
    • On a fresh boot, many artifacts will be in the possession of their owner, Nenya for example will be worn by Galadriel until some adventurer decides to deprive her of it.
  • Some items are available from shops, their stock of items will be replenished at regular intervals if they are depleted.
    • Lucanius always stocks some number of lenses of insight.
    • Grog's supply shop always has backpacks, and canteens to sell.
  • Other treasure stashes and quest items.
    • Bartz's cave will always spawn a big emerald at the back.
    • There's an interesting dagger hidden in a crevice in Loch Nether for those who know where to look.

Rare Static Load

This category refers to items that can be obtained in a predictable way, but other factors limit their availability.

  • Many items have properties that are determined randomly at creation. Finding a specific version of an item may take multiple attempts over a long period of time to acquire.
    • In addition to a mallet, Victorio will also spawn wearing a gauntlet of ogre power. But whether it's a left gauntlet or a right gauntlet will be random.
    • Gakradz always wields a flux knife, and also a random colour/intensity of matrix in his posession. The Veteran on the other hand will have a random flux weapon as well as a random matrix.
    • Lucanius always stocks a selection of wands, but the specific type of wands he has are determined when he restocks.
    • Nature's Wrath in Sinbyen will always stock a selection of weapons, but the type, craft, and materials used will be randomized with each restock.
    • Dara, Kalyxes, The Veteran, Tirana Encantrel and Blue spawn with ioun stones of random type/craft.
  • Some static load items are acquired in predictable places, but have their rarity artificially inflated by having them only spawn with the npc a fraction of the time.
    • Qith will load with a spiked great flail around 9/10 times, but every now and then he will load with a Vorpal Blade
    • Similarly, Rei will usually load with a regular katana, but will sometimes have a higher quality lotus-inscribed katana, he may even load wielding Snickersnee, a katana of legendary quality.
    • Rindol Meadowdark will spawn with a full set of Aganarian Assassin's Garb, but each piece has a very high likelihood of being destroyed the instant it leaves his posession.

Random Load

Many items are only available from sources that generate random items. The mechanics of random items are largely invisible to players.

  • The pool of available random items includes many artifacts which have no other means of spawning.
  • Available random items seems to include many, but not all of the items in the above two categories.
  • Items have properties which can be used to delimit the pool that they can be generated from.
    • Most wandering NPCS spawn with varying riffs on "random bladed weapon", "random precious item", or "random potion, ring, wand etc".
    • Treasure troves such as Bartziluth's, Bloodbane's and Urzyketh's dragon hordes, and Montezuma's chest are known to contain some number of broadly defined "random item". As such they very-very rarely contain the coveted "good stuff" that veteran players desire. Highest quality random items also come from Oneiron...
    • When opened, Stasis Eggs supposedly pull from a pool of "good_stuff_that_is_desirable_for_players". Personally, I've only ever seen trash out of them.
    • Traveler Challenges will often yield random potions and/or greater/great rings sized to the character who earned them, provided that they can use these.
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