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    After many years spent wandering the realm as a member of King Arthur's
Knights of the Round Table, Jack grew weary of his lonely life and decided to
seek out a place where he could retire and live a simple life.  Chancing
across a run-down farm, isolated at the end of a lonely road, he came to an
agreement with the lord of the demesne and settled in as the overseer.  As a
result of his solitary, yet adventure-filled life, Jack has developed many
skills.  He is hale and hearty and filled with the joy of living.  Looking
beneath the surface to find the good in everyone, he is wise enough to know
that evil also lurks where good is found.  With clear eyes and an open mien,
he is a man anyone can trust.  One of his greatest pleasures is reminiscing
with passing adventurers.  
    He looks about sixteen and a half dimins tall, five and a fifth dimins
wide, and one and three tenths dimins front to back.  
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