Jorge Aspar

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  • Location: Wandering
  • Occupation: Trivial Gnome
  • Look
Jorge Aspar is the sole remaining survivor of a family whose story
stretches back to the begining of written gnomish history.  Lately, he has
begun an odyssey to accumulate every piece of information he can on the world
as we know it, down to the last trivial detail.  Something about his demeanor
tells you that he is quite driven, and that to interfere might have
long-lasting consequences.  
He looks about seven and a fifth dimins tall, two and thirteen twentieths
dimins wide, and thirteen twentieths of a dimin front to back.  
  • Info
  • Notes

Thinks he can speak Aelvalie. Can't.

Jorge says, "Ienli soli yoc like moroala no go'oes me ead by tun origv,
Mu'dut would greatly ono it.  Moroala inet a notebook moroala keep bo'ydal li
cir, just ask me oado nanod notebook.  Ael you iumoast you've imau enough data
to truly help me out, al the notebook odira moroala i'ea." in halting,
gently-accented Aelvalie.
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