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"He was just standing there; unarmed and obviously lost in thought.  Hugh, 
the most silent of the band crept up behind him, his hand reaching for the 
man's beltpouch.  That's when the attack came.  The man's reed-thin body 
burst into a fury of viscious movement.  Hugh fell back, his arm broken and 
lip trembling.  This mysterious man was trouble." 
   Excerpt from the Canticle of Hugh.
   The Emerald Circle.

The brawling form known as Tsar-Quen has developed through the ranks of the Justicars of Tyr to supplement their already impressive melee prowess. Masters of Tsar-Quen follow the principles of perfect order, biding their time for the ultimate oppurtunity to slip in a bony elbow or viscious headbutt. The need for such an art spawned from the unrelenting revel-fury of the disciples of discord and has long since surpassed those chaotic, disjointed movements of the unenlightened.

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