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Rarity: Very Exotic
Plural: Kalythrepses
Anatomy: Anthropoinsectoid
Sexes: Neuter
Harm Skills:
    Insect Lore  80%
    Anatomy      20%

No specific help is available for this race.

Development Information: The kalythreps race was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls.

  • Appearance

This is a huge, clattering insectoid monstrosity of white-mottled black chitinous plates. Every line of the thing's body screams vicious aggression, its limbs, mandibles and antennae moving in a ceaseless, agitated pattern. Though built on the general lines of an insect, it holds its thorax and head erect. It is a kalythreps, a vanishingly rare and quite dangerous species of intelligent insect life. Their origins are quite murky, at least as far as scholarly accounts extend. It is permeated by a dim, pulsing chaotic glow. It has a webwork of sparkling light within and around it. It looks about twenty-one and a half dimins tall, twelve dimins wide, and thirty-five and a half dimins long.

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