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  • Lore stuff that I don't know very well.


Kazarak Pillar

Other lore stuff that I don't know very well

Energy bank details that I am not familiar with go here.

Also a link to the location (perhaps a speedwalk)


Moral souls who dawdle too long in the presence of the Kazarak Pillar are utterly destroyed. Their bodies becoming hosts to one of the demons that lie on the other side.


description of one of these
  • Wielding a Kazarix grants great power, but at great cost. Those willing to pay it are known as Kazarzeth.
  • They can be found in the following forms: dagger, longsword, broadsword, greatsword, battleaxe, greataxe, javelin, spear, greatspear, claw (thought this may change in the near future)
  • They are ancient enemies of the Katakacha. Ganesha --an ally of the Katakacha-- entreats Travelers with the an invocation which destroys them, and rewards them for doing so.
  • Something about the interaction between kaz blades and the pillar if there is any goes here.


This is a shortsword made of kazarilin.  The quality of its craftsmanship is unearthly.  This is a Kazarithax, a rare thing indeed -- a Kazar demon, bound into the form of a
crystal weapon, which has had its will crushed and bound by primal runes and now serves its wielder rather than the reverse.  In its subjugated state, it can be made to shift
its crystalline structure into that of various weapons by visualizing them, drawing on the user's knowledge of weaponry for the quality of its representation.  It is also
known that the more thoroughly the user can impose their will on the weapon and the more skilled they are in controlling external sources of power, the harder and stronger the
crystal of its substance will become.  It has a tracery of auroric radiance and a tracery of glinting pattern within and around it.  You estimate its value at about four
thousand eight hundred gold.
It looks about five and seven tenths dimins long, nine twentieths of a dimin wide, and a twentieth of a dimin tall.  It weighs about one hundred forty-one two-hundredths of a
After a moment, the knowledge that the Kazarithax is composed of ninety-two percent kazarilin, five percent dweomer, two percent quartz, and less than one percent logos drifts
into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.
  • Subjugated Kazarixi that can take on any shape.
  • Their power and craft increases as with the wielder's power control skills.
  • Are known to occasionally break free of the primal runes binding them. Awakening as full Kazarixi and forcibly bonding wielders who are weak of will.
  • They appear as rare randomspawns only.
  • Keep point cost is 50.
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