Kazarak Generation Code

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[OOC Twilight] "      who->display(({"
[OOC Twilight] "                "The lines on your body grow larger and more complex, now covering your entire form with an 
                                 interlocking ""
[OOC Twilight] "                "pattern of runes, as your breathing slows and stops.  In your last moments of existence, you 
                                 feel a malevolent ""
[OOC Twilight] "                "intelligence assuming control of your body.  Your consciousness is then consumed by this 
                                 formless horror.","
[OOC Twilight] "        }));"
[OOC Twilight] "        if(!who->is_incarnos() && (who->query_owner() || who->query_obey())) {"
[OOC Twilight] "                who->set_owner(0);"
[OOC Twilight] "                foreach(mixed obey : who->query_obey() || ({}))"
[OOC Twilight] "                        who->remove_obey(obey);"
[OOC Twilight] "                foreach(mixed follow : who->query_follows() || ({}))"
[OOC Twilight] "                        who->remove_follow(follow);"
[OOC Twilight] "        }"
[OOC Twilight] "        who->display(({"
[OOC Twilight] "                "At last, your opportunity has come to be given a Kazarak body, one of the mortal shells 
                                 altered ""
[OOC Twilight] "                "by the power of your lord the Kazarin to permit your bodiless people to inhabit it.  No 
                                 more shall you exist in ""
[OOC Twilight] "              "formlessness, burning with envy of the embodied; now let the world beware, for a kazar walks 
                               upon it.","
[OOC Twilight] "        }));"
[OOC Twilight] "      who->set_alignment(({ -1000, 0 }));"
[OOC Twilight] "        who->set_ethics(({ -1000, 0 }));"

[OOC Zerth] "thats some pretty evil shit"
[OOC Teatime] "You cannot possibly get more evil than a Kazarak."
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