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   This is a male zuth with chaotic scales and blue eyes.  
   He looks about thirty-five and a half dimins tall, fourteen dimins wide
   and forty-four and a half dimins long.  
   He is in good shape.  
   He wields a thistlewood hoopak in his chitinous right claw.  He wears an
   enormous mithril heavy mail shirt on his upper body, an enormous mithril helm
   on his chitinous head, an enormous mithril-spiked steel plate right boot on
   his feathery right forefoot and an enormous tarnished copper ring on his
   chitinous right claw.  He holds a mithril tower shield with his scaly left
   His limbs are named chitinous head, spiny fore upper chest, leathery right
   arm, chitinous left arm, chitinous right claw, scaly left claw, slimy right
   foreleg, slimy left foreleg, feathery right forefoot, furry left forefoot,
   scaly torso, spiny right hindleg, hairy left hindleg, leathery right hindfoot,
   scaly left hindfoot and spiny tail.  The disfigured chaotic-scaled male zuth
   was created by Erebus; the source code was last updated Mon Nov 23 10:55:16
   2009.  The zuth race was created by Tharkas, Chaos and Ambidexter and is
   maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Mon Nov 23 10:49:04
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