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Standard Information

Once, Saint Paedric's Monastery was a bastion of goodness in the land. When a rogue monk summoned the demon lord Krythe from the bowels of Hell, the brothers of Saint Paedric fell before the demon's onslaught. Avenge the brothers of Saint Paedric and rid the world of Krythe once and for all.

You should be at least level thirty to attempt this quest.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Seven
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Ten
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Nine
   This quest was created by Talia and Ecthelion.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Need to head to St Paedric's Monastery's which is at -25, 18, 0 in Cimbra (-25, 99, 0 Global). Go 15w, 12n, 6e, u. There are beds scattered around the upper floor, the box you need is going to randomly be under one of the beds here (syntax is "search bed").

Once you've got the box you need to find the key, and if you want a holy weapon, Inquisitor.

If you wish to use Inquisitor on Krythe you'll need to go rummage around in the four gardens searching for an amulet (syntax is "search garden). You'll occasionally encounter a plant similar to Audra, but a lot tougher. Once you've got the amulet you can head down to the crypt (accessed via a door at 0, -13, 0). The cross itself is at 0, -10, -2. Use the amulet to unlock the cross (syntax: unlock cross with amulet). Open the cross, and you'll find Inquisitor inside, it's a holy greatsword.

The key is located at the ironwood cross at 0, -10, -2 you'll need to "search altar" and you will be transported to the guardian. Once there if you're good, you can just say "ring" or "seal" and the ghost will say you're worthy and give you the key. If you're evil, you're gonna need to kill it. To get out of the room "search wall". Once you've managed to unlock the box keep the ring in your inventory and go mess Krythe up. He's in the nine spoked wheel area north of the ironwood cross. It's worth your while to take out the servitors and grendal prior to fighting him, since the revamp he's tough as nails.

He'll do a grip of qlippotic damage so if you've got a warding or resistance ring, use it.

One final note, this guys screws stuff up as bad as Kali, in one fight he destroyed that artifact Viva and my exquisite Katana, so be careful what you use.

Good Luck!


End of spoiler information.
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