Lacantius Magnus

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This is a male human with brown skin, white hair, and green eyes. Lacantius Magnus is a small, balding man of forty winters. He first arrived in the realms of Lost Souls twenty years ago in pursuit of the Rajan Torquar. After the presumed death of Amon Tyrice, he began to teach the secret arts of Phantasian Astromancy to the denizens of this plane. With the return of the Traveler, however, he has relinquished his leadership over the astromancers. Now he wanders the land aiding Amon Tyrice in finding and training his Travelers. He is surrounded by a cosmic aura.

I can provide instruction in anatomy, arcane lore, the Archaen language, awareness, cosmology, daemonology, intimidation, logic, manipulation, metaphysics, navigation, the Nilasnai language, orienteering, philosophy, physics, the Rajanin language, savoir faire, spatiomancy, stealth, tactics, the Talislan language, telesma and the use of telesmatic weapons.

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