Lightveil (Empathic Bonds)

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The ability to enchant ordinary arrows with radiant energy.

This enchants the arrow to do a discharge attack on a successful hit that inflicts light damage. The amount of damage inflicted appears to scale with magickal skills, at the very least Lumiturgy and Enchantment. The arrow is not consumed on the initial discharge, although it appears to eventually be destroyed. Whether this is after a set number of discharges or on a random basis is hard to determine.

The charm is fueled by both radiant energy and spiritual energy, charged per arrow enchanted, whether singly or in groups. For skill experience purposes, there appears to be no difference between enchanting one arrow or a hundred, so if the goal is to increase the Lumiturgy skill, enchanting arrows one at a time will be more rewarding.


To do this, concentrate on illuminating an arrow or arrows.

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